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The multifaceted & consistent path to your goal – Team

Kristina Müller

As multifaceted companies are with their cultures, products and services as well as their employees, so individual and multifaceted should be taken in the introduction and adaptation of agility.



Important aspects of our work

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We work across all sectors

… when it comes to initiating and developing agile processes in companies. Our clients include:

  • Banks, finance and insurance services
  • E-commerce companies
  • Companies from the automotive industry
  • Internetunternehmen
  • Internet companies
  • Training institutes
  • Companies using Agile in non-technical areas


Hi, I am Kristina Müller

… a professional Agile Transition & Leadership Coach.

More about my vision and consultative approach



Of course I am not alone…

… quality, huge projects, scaling and diversity of facets – for me – just work out with a network.
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First Aid for Remote Working

Remote working and collaboration is a hot topic these days. Luckily, technical environment is already set up and running. At the same time, there is a lack of exercise in facilitation in virtual rooms, routine in accomplishing regular meetings is missing, handling of tools for virtual meetings does not feel familiar and also in the shaping relationships in context of leadership and team, we face challenges.

Don’t panic 🙂 There is quick first aid here. You can choose between the following webinars:

 Design Virtual Leadership
 Facilitating Scrum Meetings Virtually with Success
 Get, Maintain and Develop the WE-Feeling in the Team Virtually
 Tools for Effective Virtual Retrospectives

Dates will be announced shortly.

After each one-hour webinar there is 30 minutes for your questions. You can learn from each other in the sense of »Your case is my case«. I would also be happy to provide you with a slack room for a friendly exchange with colleagues afterwards.

For individual questions or topics, please contact me directly: and we make a separate appointment.


Establish empowerment & lead sustainably

Leadership happens – every day

Agile leadership views leadership as the activities of explicit superiors within agile companies, and as leadership elements outside specific positions and job titles.

Leadership is frequently experienced on two levels: one is hierarchical and with significant distance from the employees; the other is predominantly informal and emotional.

Agile leadership merges both approaches by analyzing the context, situation and people needed to achieve better results for the company.

Examples of agile leadership aspects are

Cross-company goal cascades from the objective to the self-organized, goal-oriented, operative activities of all employees

  • Delegation & distribution of responsibilities
  • Agile budgeting
  • Mentoring, coaching, supervision, intervision
  • Learning organization, error management culture, knowledge work and explicit utilization of different experiences
  • Communication management and the creation of a common understanding available at all times
  • Moderation
  • Diversity

Leaders take on a flexible role in the company, acting both as agile coaches and as scrum masters – today they are planning the budget for their own unit within the overall company budget, tomorrow they are passing on their expert knowledge, and then, the next day they are coaching employees, managers or the C-level about agile leadership behavior. They are constantly switching their roles to become leaders and experts, handlers of complaints and entertainers, prompters and jesters.

Employees, on the other hand, are called upon to take the situative lead, to accept more responsibility and to consider the whole company. The predominant theme is knowledge work. Employees can also situationally guide their managers or leaders.

Our specific offers for you

Leadership coaching of executive managers in their changing roles
 Supervision & intervision support of agile leadership roles

 Team & department development towards more self-organization
 Collegial peer consulting

 Individual coaching
 Coaching on the job