Agile transformation done the agile way

Agile paths to an agile organization!

Agile organization development:

  1. Systemically & professionally accompany organizations through agile transition
  2. Support organizations and empower them to be agile in the long term
  3. Iteratively implement a customer-focused agile transition yourself (eat your own dog food)


  • Effectively achieve company objectives
  • Effectively and independently resolve problems
  • Conscious development towards a learning organization: deal easily with a constantly changing environment (e.g. customer requirements, competition), learn from mistakes, test and develop alternative action

Changes in framework parameters

Appropriate organizational and operational structure as well as work organization

  • Explicitly working with vision and objectives
  • Planning, controlling & key performance indicators
  • Making joint decisions
  • Culture
  • Leadership & management
  • Targeted redundancy in communication
  • Trust
  • Group dynamics
  • Conception of the human being
  • Paradigm shifts regarding leadership, the role of customers and the understanding of work

Significant aspects of our work

Co-creation, network, iterative clarification of tasks, context & analysis, sustainability, intelligent schedule planning, process support

Our specific offers for you

■ Agile introduction
 Agile transformation
 Agile pilots
 Agile @ scale

 Introduction of OE department/team
 OE support with tandem principle
 Interim OE
 OE expertise training

 Agile »targeted agreement« using OKRs
Training & introduction to the agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, OKR)