Experienced & empathic support along the agile path

»Agile Coaching« is unfortunately a catch-all term

What agile coaches offer can vary greatly. The bandwidth is broad, from dedicated scrum masters with added Kanban certification, to experts with long-term experience in organization development and agile transition support.

Agility is about training the competence of companies to stay on top of a world filled with globalization, digitization, constantly changing competition conditions and customer requirements, and to proactively shape their market. It is far more than just an IT method that can be briefly tested or introduced “on the fly”.

A cultural transformation of the big picture

The transition to an agile way of working requires in-depth changes, not only in the company structure, but also and above all, in the company culture. Agile coaching, therefore, looks at the whole company in order to support it in achieving its objectives using individual organization development plans.

Agile coaches are frequently not just method experts, they are usually specialists in at least one field. Professionally, they often come from IT, classic coaching, UX, product development, organization development or HR. All these backgrounds are important and characterize the key priorities of the respective agile coach.

Agile coaches are, therefore, not the frequently expected “Jack of all trades” that have an answer to everything. Their primary expertise is in helping professionals in companies to work more agile using methodology skills in the sense of “help them to help themselves”. They play an extremely flexible role that alternates between being leaders, experts, storytellers, trainers, advisors, supporter, coaches and prompters.

Once we have arrived with my bag packed full of methods and experience covering organization development, leadership, coaching, supervision & intervision and HR, we pull out the appropriate approaches and develop them specifically for and with you. Our service portfolio is enhanced by our personal network of agile coaches offering a broad range of expertise.

Our specific offer for you

 Agile team & department development
 Agile methods training
 Workshops in agile principles & agile management

 Leadership coaching of management in changing roles
 Collegial peer consulting
 Scrum master teams
 PO coaching

 Training on the job for scrum masters (developing competences through certificates)
 Training & introduction of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, OKR)
 Training for conception of workshops