Kristina Müller is an economics psychologist (B.Sc.) And a systemic advisor (M.A.). She accompanies as a freelance agile consultant & coach company on the way to more agility. She specializes in agile methods / frameworks such as scrum and kanban, lateral and situational management, team and organizational development as well as Agile HR.


“Enabling for cool business”

consulting approach

Network: Due to my previous professional career, deep conviction, family character and fun of contacts with a multitude of people, I can look back on a large and varied network. This provides me and my customers with a broad backup of knowledge, experiences and specializations. Under Network, I also understand the internal networking at the customer. Experience has shown that there is a lot of potential that is often unconscious and unused.

Iterative order clarification: during the course of consulting processes, the requirements and the order focus mostly change. This I use to give the customer * exact consultation. For this reason, I regularly discuss with the contractors in the course of a consultation process whether we are still in the right direction.

Context & Analysis: Every company, every team, every individual is different. So all have different histories, cultures and needs, to name only a few aspects. I would like to take this as an example, in which I would like to carry out an analysis within the scope of the order clarification in order to ensure a tailor-made consulting process.

Sustainability: I want to leave something behind and companies to sustainably do things themselves. For this I see more in the roles of coach and trainer. At the same time, I look back on a broad field of experience. This allows me to support both the expert advice and the “lecturer”.

Timing: I am often at the beginning of a consultation process more frequently on site. Over time, I gradually withdraw to promote sustainability. Companies make the experience that they can implement and maintain things independently of me as a coach. Through me, there may be a little corrective and supervision later in the process.

Process support: In my opinion, consulting is much more a process that I work with customers. Here, my strength in dealing with individuality and creating individual solutions mingles with my experience.